tasos antoniou

front end web developer

I bring passion for custom websites,
with unique aesthetics
and cool functionalities


Here's some of my latest or more favorite works. Hover/tap on the card for more info and links


An International Documentary Festival in Kastellorizo, with a unique menu, and an e-shop
An international festival website, integrated with Eventotron, a festival organizing platform
An architect office presentation website, with an inspired intro, and WCAG 2.0 compliance
Some very inspired page transitions and hover effects, and a very unique project presentation
A website about ice cream, incorporating the unique slide up effect of sections
A website with some cool svg clip animations about a mobile events bar

with Kuki

A very elegantly designed website, with some subtle background marquees, and excellent presentation videos
A minimal designed website, with some nice sliders, for a documentary about a Greek born woman who built an empire in NY.
Minimal aesthetics, combined with beautiful images by Prof. Papantonis himself, and GSAP scroll effects
A very interesting approach to a portfolio presentation, with serious scroll manipulations
A minimal website for an architecture firm, and the first asynchronous website I built! (done with barba.js)
Offering a creative and philosophical approach to workout, Fighting Monkey's website is an e-shop integrated with an online classes platform for its users!
Seafood restaurant with some cool transitional effects, and a horizontal parallax scroll section
Restaurant in Athens, with some parallax effects, and a unique instagram collection presentation
Some simple but cool front end effects, and some unseen backend modifications on the project filters
A multilingual Boutique Hotel, with an external weather API connection, and a few parallax effects
A molecular biology research lab website, with unique svg clips and animations
One of the few websites I designed myself! My inspiration came from the logo (by Owl Design)
A unique website combining travel information and literacy about various cities. Minimal design, and custom interactive maps
An architectural studio with great history. Minimalistic design in its greatness, with lots of JS interactivity features
An interior designer's custom website, bilingual, containing in-site customer suggestions and stripe payments.
A child-surgeon website. Minimal and modern design, with custom/unique icons.

with D.Georgiadou

Custom tailored for a NY based artist producing AI theatric works. Minimal design, various presentation elements.
A new vacation apartments block in Thasos. Full page width and multilingual.

with Lilian

A group of talented fashion artists, very minimal design and full width sliders
A hi-tech medical equipment company. Hi tech design with cool background elements.

with D. Georgiadou

Architects portfolio & info, cool intro, minimal design.
This is about a contemporary artist, featuring a special slider with TweenMax & Three JS effects.



Tasos Antoniou web developer

Ex civil engineer, now web developer, freelancer.

I enjoy -and prefer- building websites in collaboration with graphic/UI/UX designers. Since spring of 2020 I’ve been mostly working with Thodoris Tsirkas (the ‘Unicorn’) and Nowhere Studio, but I also frequently collaborate with other designers (like D. Georgiadou and Nelly Savrani) to convert their designs to websites.

When involved in the planning process, my goal is to help the customers understand their needs better, and perhaps add in a few ideas for the website marketing goals or the design.

The end product goal is a pixel perfect website, with a unique look, an excellence in performance, and a satisfaction for the user experience.

My current skills include html, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, and I’m currently into asynchronous development using JS frameworks (Vue in particular).



If you are a designer looking for a developer to collaborate with,

or someone who wants your website built,

use the following form or the social links to contact me